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    "An unjust law is itself a species of violence." -- Mahatma Gandhi

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    "Redemption is possible, and it is the measure of a civilized society." -- Greg Boyle

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    "Bringing humanity to the Law." -- Luis Rodriguez


“Empower through law, transform through healing” -- A For-Cause Organization


Ollin Law is a legal organization founded by survivors of communities defined by violence that seeks healing solutions to create a more just and healthy society.


Ollin Law envisions a future where both legal systems and healing practices positively transform marginalized communities, thereby creating healthier families and a more equal society.

We aim to address causes and utilize integral remedies so people transform their lives and make long-term positive impacts in their communities.


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About Us

About Our Work

Ollin Law is a law organization that seeks to improve systems of justice and hold laws accountable to the ideals of equal justice for all. Ollin Law incorporates healing practices in addressing legal issues, and seeks meaningful, measurable change in improving the lives and conditions of marginalized communities, especially disenfranchised communities of color.

About Our Team

The organization is comprised of attorneys, experts and consultants who have a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise, and take a holistic approach to legal issues and violence prevention strategies. Ollin Law aims to address the root causes of violence, such as the impacts of trauma, so people transform their lives and make long-term positive impacts in their community.

What We Do

Post-Conviction Relief

Ollin Law believes that we should not judge a person for the worst act they committed, instead we should acknowledge the personal transformation of individuals and the impact of that transformation on developing healthy communities.

As such, we feel strongly about reducing or eliminating barriers to reentry into the community due to a criminal conviction. As part of our post-conviction work, we conduct recurring legal clinics at various strategic locations. Outreach is done in partnership with other organizations providing support groups for families of inmates; drug and alcohol treatment programs; and other community-based service organizations. We also identify potential participants by directly exploring partnerships with current court/governmental diversion and restorative justice programs.

Licensed trained attorneys conduct the post-conviction clinics, including reviewing records, determining eligibility and preparing the necessary court forms. Non-attorney volunteers are also used to complete court forms under attorney supervision only if needed. We handle all the service and filing requirements of each petition and ensure the participant leaves the clinic with a clear understanding of their obligations and the legal process.

Below are reentry/post-conviction legal services we provide, many of which are offered at the above described legal clinics:

• Expungements (PC §1203.4)

• Certificates of Rehabilitation (PC §§4852.01 et seq.)

• Sealing/Destruction of Arrest Records (PC §851.8)

• Sealing Drug Diversion Records (PC §851.9)

• Reduce Felonies to Misdemeanors (PC 17b or Prop 47)

• Motions to Vacate (PC 1473.7)


Olin Law - Immigration Law

Ollin Law conducts immigration clinics both in the US and in Latin America on various topics, including waivers, U-Visas, asylum and reintegrating deportees into their home countries. Moreover, the organization provides direct legal representation to selected individuals and families, including unaccompanied minors and deportees.

“Bring Them Home” Prison Project

Ollin Law - Prison Reform

Ollin Law’s “Bring Them Home” Prison Project is a family reunification initiative that is designed to reunite individuals who are serving life sentences in a California prison with their family. Ollin Law represents Lifers at their parole hearing to advocate for their release and provide quality representation. Prior to a parole hearing, Ollin Law’s team meets with the individual to prepare them for their parole hearing and for their transition back into the community.

These client meetings are designed to assist the inmate in developing and understanding “insight” about the commitment offense, preparing their parole plans and creating the appropriate “program” while incarcerated. The Bring them Home Prison Project will prepare individuals so as to increase their chances of being found “ suitable.” This project is not only about getting a parole date, but also to provide the individual with an opportunity to “heal and transform” the root causes of their incarceration; thereby contributing to a healthy reunification with their families and the community.

The Ollin Law team will also meet with the family prior to the parole hearing to assist them in the preparation of the potential release of their family member. These sessions will support them in “welcoming back “ their loved one into the family and the community after years of incarceration. The Project does not focus on innocence or guilt of the person but on the importance of providing them a “second chance “ at life with their family.

Healing Circle / Restorative Justice

Ollin Law - Restorative Justice

Ollin Law offers a restorative justice approach to social issues and conflicts, including using a mediator, usually a community volunteer or healer. Ollin Law believes strongly in incorporating healing circles into restorative justice and healing practices, particularly incorporating indigenous modalities such as talking circles, sweat ceremonies, and rituals. Healing circles create a safe sanctuary space where participants can express themselves freely through different traditional ways of deep reflection and reaching the human spirit, thereby igniting personal positive transformation. The focus on the wound as a gift and transforming trauma is part and parcel of the healing circles employed by Ollin.

Violence Prevention Consultants / Advisors

Ollin Law provides technical assistance and strategic development to various organizations, including governmental, private sector and NGO’s, particularly in the United States and Latin America, in dealing with various aspects of violence prevention. Ollin Law understands that technical assistance and support is critical to the success of any program or organization. As such, technical assistance is a hallmark of Ollin Law’s services and we aim to develop strategic infrastructures of peace in urban areas.

Ollin Law will give pre-assessments to establish the needs required before services, then a post-assessment after services have been provided to measure if objectives have been met. Based on the strategic plan developed with the client, technical assistance will be tailored and targeted to each institution’s needs. Examples of technical assistance that Ollin Law will employ include site visits and conference calls to problem solve and capacity building.

Our Team

  • Salomon Zavala, Esq.

    Executive Director Mr. Zavala graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts in 2001, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis on social inequality. Salomon went on to attend the University of California, Berkeley School of Law, where he was a member of the Death Penalty Clinic. He received a Juris Doctorate Degree in 2005. Read More »

  • Pascual Torres, JD

    Director of Organizational Development Pascual Torres’ goal is to become a lawyer and change prison policies that have a negative impact on families and marginalized communities of color. Specifically, Mr. Torres would like to support prisoners who have been sentenced to “life” in gaining their parole and reuniting them with their family. Read More »


News, Articles, Legal Cases, and Recent Events...

  • Why Should We Care About DACA & Immigration?

    October 15, 2017

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    This morning I wanna grieve for a few minutes, teach for a few minutes, then challenge you to step up in a major way about an emergency in this country that I strongly believe we all need to adopt as a central issue to our fight for civil and human rights in America.

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    Defend Immigrant Youth Without Demonizing Parents

    October 15, 2017

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    Late Sunday, White House aides leaked to Politico what we’ve all feared for months: Trump is ending DACA, the Obama-era program that has protected 800,000 immigrant youth from deportation and afforded them the opportunity to live and work in the U.S. without fear.

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  • The Lawyer, the Addict

    October 8, 2017

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    In July 2015, something was very wrong with my ex-husband, Peter. His behavior over the preceding 18 months had been erratic and odd. He could be angry and threatening one minute, remorseful and generous the next.

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    No Child Deserves a Life Sentence. But Try Telling Prosecutors That.

    September 12, 2017

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    In 2012, the Supreme Court took a step toward righting a terrible wrong by banning mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for children. Last year, the court said that ban should apply retroactively: It told prosecutors to conduct resentencing hearings for the approximately 2,500 people who were serving life sentences for crimes they committed as adolescents. Many of them had been in prison for decades.

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    Impartirán taller a jóvenes para prevenir que caigan en la violencia

    November 26, 2015

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    TIJUANA - La organización Ollin Law ofrecerá este viernes 13 de noviembre un taller sobre acciones preventivas para que los jóvenes no caigan en drogas y actividades violentas.

    El objetivo del taller es capacitar y hacer conciencia sobre la perspectiva de que para transformar una sociedad hay que comenzar transformando a las personas por lo que se abordarán los temas trama, violencia y sanación desde la experiencia de Fabián Montes y Pascual Torres, quienes en el pasado pertenecieron a pandillas de Los Ángeles.

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    Inmigrantes, en el limbo por bloqueos a DACA y DAPA

    November 26, 2015

    By Ximbalo

    With 0 Comments

    NUEVA YORK - Rosa y Griselda son dos jóvenes madres oriundas de Jalisco, México que cifran sus esperanzas en la orden ejecutiva Acción Diferida para Responsabilidad de los Padres (DAPA) para resolver su situación migratoria, pues se beneficiarían por tener hijos nacidos en este país; y aunque tristes dijeron tener confianza en que la medida, suspendida por la corte, pase.

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  • Meditation on Gratitude and Joy

    September 14, 2015

    By Fabian Montes

    With 0 Comments

    Buddhist monks begin each day with a chant of gratitude for the blessings of their life. Native American elders begin each ceremony with grateful prayers to mother earth and father sky, to the four directions, to the animal, plant, and mineral brothers and sisters who share our earth and support our life. In Tibet, the monks and nuns even offer prayers of gratitude for the suffering they have been given: “Grant that I might have enough suffering to awaken in the deepest possible compassion and wisdom.” The aim of spiritual life is to awaken a joyful freedom, a benevolent and compassionate heart in spite of everything.

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    What Poverty Does to the Young Brain

    September 14, 2015

    By Fabian Montes

    With 0 Comments

    The brain’s foundation, frame, and walls are built in the womb. As an embryo grows into a fetus, some of its dividing cells turn into neurons, arranging themselves into layers and forming the first synapses, the organ’s electrical wiring. Four or five months into gestation, the brain’s outermost layer, the cerebral cortex, begins to develop […]

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    El Salvador Cracks Down on Crime, Gangs Remain Unbowed

    September 14, 2015

    By Fabian Montes

    With 0 Comments

    SAN SALVADOR — Seven bus drivers are killed in four days. A morgue worker slowly counts 224 stab wounds on a murder victim. Police officers post memorials to slain comrades and photographs of “eliminated” suspects on Facebook. El Salvador is convulsed in violence at levels not seen since the civil war of the 1980s. Murder rates have soared while the government struggles to rein in the powerful criminal gangs that control neighborhoods in many of the country’s cities and towns.

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