Healing Through Law

“The highest hallmark of a civilized society is not the rapidity by which it exacts vengeance, but its ability to hold victim and victimizer in its compassionate heart.”
– Greg Boyle

Who We Are

Ollin Law seeks to reimagine the legal profession, with our lawyers serving as healers and peacemakers as well as legal representatives. Our team of attorneys, staff, and consultants works with the aim of helping our clients, who are members of our communities, transform their lives and discover their life purpose.

What We Do

Bring Them Home Project

Ollin Law’s Bring Them Home Prison Project is a family reunification initiative that is designed to reunite individuals who are serving life sentences in a California prison with their family.

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Welcome Home Reentry Program

Ollin Law’s Welcome Home Reentry Program aims to eliminate the barriers to reentry and opportunities resulting from criminal convictions and the trauma of incarceration.

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Human Rights and Justice Litigation

Ollin Law provides clients quality legal representation against government entities, including police departments and prisons.

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Healing Law

Ollin Law chooses to be healers. As such, we are committed to what we call Healing Law, or the practice of helping clients and communities heal collectively from the suffering caused by long standing injustices and continued mass incarceration.

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Video Testimonials

At Ollin Law we take a client-centered, holistic approach to our client’s legal needs. View video testimonials from clients Ollin Law has helped in their pursuit for justice and transformation.

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